I Need A MommySabbatical

You’ve heard that saying, “necessity is the mother of invention”-? Well, Mommy Sabbatical was invented out of some major necessity.

So, yeah, I have seven kiddos. I’m officially Terissa Michele Miller; but you can call me Teri. I’m 44 years old, and yes, all those kids grew in my belly. As of January 2014, my oldest is 18, and my youngest is 3. I know, I’m crazy. But I was crazy even before I had kids, so hey, whatever.

The thing is – I love being a Mom. There is nothing more important, more fulfilling than being a Mom. I mean seriously – we are training little people to be human beings! Is there anything more important???

Sometimes I just need a little break… 
A couple of years ago I was in one of those “I’m so freaking exhausted I can’t see straight” seasons…you know, when you can’t remember the last time you showered, the house is a wreck, everybody needs you precisely-at-the-same-moment, and life is all WHERE-is-my-phone?!… Well, for me at least. And so when I got to that point of I’m gonna combust
I took off for my first-ever Mommy Sabbatical.

Nothing complicated or expensive. A friend was heading out of town, so I got to “house-sit” for 4 days. THREE FULL nights of sleep, my friend! I know, can you believe it?!? It was fantastic. I spent time alone, read alot, went running on my favorite trails, got a long-overdue haircut, shopped a little, watched a couple of movies, and even got a massage.

By the time I drove home I was actually excited to see my kids again. I seriously needed a break from them, to love them better. I was like a new woman! The sleep & rest & pampering rejuvenated my spirit, helped me think more clearly, and revealed a hard truth: I hadn’t been loving myself very well. Ouch.

How can I love my kids well, if I’m not loving myself?

So with my family’s exuberant support (“wow…Mommy’s so much nicer after she has some time away…!“), I decided this Mommy Sabbatical thing needed to be a consistent and intentional practice. We pulled out the calendar and scheduled a Mommy Sabbatical for every quarter – about once every 12 weeks. And I’ve not been the same since. Those I’m-gonna-combust moments are fewer & farther between. I’m loving my kids better. The best thing about it? I’m learning to love the Mommy I am.

Mommy Sabbatical, LLC offers a variety of restful, rejuvenating retreats, designed to encourage, educate, & empower women to love the Mommy they are.